Higher Height Christian Embassy

This is a Kingdom Vision. The Passion is the Love of God, and the Frequency is Apostolic Doctrine.
Higher Height Ministerial Training Institute

Global Coalition Radio Channel

Higher Height Christian Embassy operates a radio broadcast featuring prophetic insight and revelation teaching that affects over 3 million listeners within Kumasi and beyond. This is a special airtime solely bought to advance, declare, and unveil God’s purpose for the end time church.

Station Times : Ghana 8 Am - 8 Pm GMT / UTC : 12:00 - 8:00 Hrs (Network Time) USA : 4 Am - 4 Pm EST

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By a passion to build the kingdom of Jesus Christ, Higher Height Christian Embassy is seeking those who have heard such a call of the Spirit. We are labouring to enter into a functional relationship with those who feel called to bring revival and reformation to the Church by every possible means necessary.

This is a thirty minute, Word Feast, of Revelation, Insight and Prophetic lifting that bring healing to the hurting world. To maintain this Ministry is a challenge. We are trusting the Lord to raise up with us those who have heard the "VOICE" to carry the great commission to all people.

For every donation is not small before God. All our financial supporters will receive our weekly audio tapes free of charge. For every quarter of this Outreach, we need about $2,000 US to cover cost and airtime.

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